State Match

The Connecticut state math match is known as CSAML (Connecticut State Association of Math Leagues). For practice questions from past CSAML matches, please click here.

Date and Location
The state match takes place in early April . A large number of teams meet after school at a Connecticut high school, with the venue varying from year to year.

For the date, time, and location of this year’s state match, please see here.

The top half of schools in FCML qualify for states.

The state match consists of three divisions: small schools, medium schools, and large schools.
Small schools are schools with fewer than 600 students in grades 10, 11, and 12.
Medium schools are schools with between 600 and 1000 students in grades 10, 11, and 12.
Large schools are schools with more than 1000 students in grades 10, 11, and 12.

Team sizes
Small schools: 6 students
Medium schools: 6 students
Large schools: 8 students
Note: there are no B-teams at the state match.

Students on the team
Small and medium schools: Each team has a maximum of three seniors and a maximum of five juniors and seniors combined.
Large schools: Each team has a maximum of three seniors and a maximum of six juniors and seniors combined.

Six individual rounds, ten minutes each round, no calculator.
Three questions on each round.
Each student takes three rounds.
The team round is 10 minutes, no calculator.
Small and medium schools must enter three students in each individual round; large schools must enter four students in each individual round.

Individual rounds: Q1: 1 point; Q2: 2 points; Q3: 3 points
Team round: Small and medium schools: 3 points for each question; Large schools: 4 points for each question

Round 1: Arithmetic and Number Theory
Round 2: Algebra I
Round 3: Geometry
Round 4: Algebra II
Round 5: Analytic Geometry
Round 6: Trig and Complex Numbers

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